The property valuation division is a dedicated team with more than 10 years’ experience in Property Valuation and has vast knowledge regarding the Property Industry. Our team consists of like-minded individuals focused on continually building our reputation and establishing Homeplus as the valuers of first choice for those serious about their property investments.

The Valuers are Registered Valuers with the Valuers Registration Board as well as members with the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya.

The valuation department mission statement is to “To provide a timely, accurate and a professional service while being courteous and provide feedback always”

Your valuation is guaranteed to be comprehensive and accurate, based on the best available information at the time of the valuation.

Types of Valuations offered: 

  • Mortgage Valuations
  • Insurance purposes
  • Rental assessments
  • Accounting/Book Keeping/Tax purposes
  • Market Valuation when Buying or Selling Property
  • Going Concerns/Good will
  • Valuations for Council Rating
  • Plants, Machinery & Equipments
  • Owner Occupier Allowance Claims
  • Estate/Succession Matters etc.

Our Valuation Package Offers: 

  • A visit to and a comprehensive inspection of the property.
  • A complete set of photographs of the property.
  • Obtaining and examining of all market and/or relevant valuation information regarding the property.
  • County Council information, e.g.: Zoning, Building plans, Municipal Value, etc.
  • A Title Deed search.
  • A comprehensive Valuation Report.

Quality Service

We understand that people and companies that own property assets require valuations that are:

  • Independent – We provide a completely independent perspective and often are called to provide a second opinion or as expert witness in settling valuation disputes.
  • Professional – For any property investor, there is no substitute for a well-researched, professionally presented property valuation. All our valuations are handled personally by experienced and highly qualified members of our team.  Each valuer has areas of specialization and experience covering all aspects of valuation and this, coupled with our national footprint and experience, provides complete peace of mind.
  • Research-based expertise: All our work is comprehensively researched to include all critical elements of professional property valuation including legislative changes, market trends and fluctuations.We have built up a formidable database of property statistics and valuation tools, which aid us in our valuations. For due diligence property valuations, Homeplus quality and in-depth research is unparalleled. For auditors, auditing financial statements with property valuations done by Homeplus offers peace of mind that the properties will be properly reflected at realistic values.
  • Efficient –We realise that our clients are busy business people spread throughout the country, with urgent decisions to make based on our advice. Therefore, our team has an unwavering commitment to efficiency and delivers within agreed time frames. We are careful to ensure that realistic timeframes are agreed for our valuations. 


  • Detailed – We pride ourselves on providing you with detailed and professional reports that can be proudly presented to your Board or Business Partners.
  • Advising It has been widely misconceived that a valuation report just gives an opinion of value. At Homeplus, in addition to providing an opinion of value, we advise the property owners on the prevailing market conditions at the time of the valuation and in the foreseeable future and highlight any potential intrinsic value in the property, while identifying any factors that may adversely affect the value of the property. 

Our Valuers place strong emphasis on research, quality report writing and the need to conform to international standards.

This ethos is rigidly maintained by a policy of in-house consultation and teamwork. Extensive experience and exposure to expropriation matters, litigation, arbitration and rental assessments, has forged a truly professional and capable team, while new members are groomed to meet the same standards.


Our client base comes from the following industries: 

  • Agricultural Holdings
  • Banking & Financial Services Industry
  • Building and Construction Industry
  • Individual Clients
  • Investment Groups
  • Insurance Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry 
  • Service Industry 
  • Parastatal/ Quasi Government Institutions.

Price of Property Valuations

The cost of a property valuation is dependent on the value of the property, and works on a graduated scale. Sometimes the fee can be based on an hourly rate, depending on the nature of the valuation. 

Please Note: Our fee structure is in line with the fees prescribed by the Valuers Act Cap 532.  

If you’re serious about getting independent, professional and thorough valuations, please contact us — We’d like to talk to you.